' Bring it On ' . . . ' Let's Roll '
  • Guest speakers ~ Muad'Dib - Greg Hallett & Kevin Annett :)
 'we' ask that Dan the Christian be given audience  to assist  ' the freeman cause ' in the public debate . . .

What say Ye ?


Will there be debate of the above issues in the newspaper image above ?  If not - why not ? ? ?

Think about that . . . !

Do You suppose debating such in public (perhaps on a public platform like the BBC :) will incite mass 'lawful rebellion' ? Once people come to understand how deep the non-sense really does go, will 'we' see a breakdown of society as 'we' know it  ?

Would Kevin Annett - Greg Hallett  &  Muad'Dib inform the people of any thing new ? ? ? Would Dan the Christian shake the foundations of the Church ? ? ?

Are You thinking ? ? ?

'THEY' would NEVER debate the above because the floor would be wiped clean with them . . . AND THEY KNOW IT :)

  • Iain Duncan Smith ~ You COWARD ~ Pick on someone Your own size not the countless Children whose lives YOU have destroyed



"A New Ice-Age Is Coming" - What The Scientists Said In 1975
More 70's media Ice-Age Stories - (Text and URLs)

See here ~  http://www.perceptions.couk.com/glacials.html#doubts




" . . . and so they're trying frantically now at this eleventh hour to plug the gap -but this is one case - like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke - there's too many dykes out there and not enough fingers . . . and so they can't stop this huge flood of real history which is coming in to the minds of ordinary people . . "

~ David Irving ~

No wonder they changed their name ffs heheh



Here's a few clues ~ They're Anglo Saxon in appearance . . . They're  'British' . . . . They're very wealthy . . . . They all talk BLATANT  GUFF. . . oh - and some of them even say they're CHRISTians

 There now - Haven't made it too easy for You have I ?

Don't want Your books Greg . . . Just answer the question son !
_Tell me Mr Moses ~ WHO in this Nation can EVADE JUSTICE ?

In Your own time now !

OPPRESS ~ v 1. control by cruelty or force  2. depress  - 'Collins Pocket Dictionary'

' Halsburys Law states administrative courts unlawful. '

The law is absolutely clear on this subject. There is NO authority for administrative courts in this country and no Act can be passed to legitimise them because of the constitutional restraints placed upon her Majesty at Her coronation. The collection of revenue by such means is extortion, and extortion has been found reprehensible since ancient times. Separation of powers Today, in the year 2011, we find for example, that in the council tax regulations, the billing authority, the prosecuting authority and the enforcement authority are all vested in the same body. The same bodies even purport to issue their own legal documents, by tacit agreement with the Courts. In our system of Common Law, the rule of law demands that we have a separation of powers. Today, the powers are not separated.

The executive is not a distinct, free-standing leg of the tripod. The executive now emerges directly from within the elected Chamber of the legislature where previously it emanated directly from the Monarch. That leads to constitutional confusion—because the executive has seized and misuses Parliament’s democratic credentials for its own, destructive, purposes. Fortunately, we have something to which we can turn to preserve our ancient laws and freedoms. We have the Oath that Her Majesty The Queen took at her coronation by which she is solemnly bound and from which no one in England, Wales and Scotland has released her. At Her Coronation the Queen swore to govern us, “according to [our] respective laws and customs”. Certainly, among our reputed “customs”, is precisely that invaluable and widely admired tripartite division of the powers. The judiciary is part and parcel of our customary system of internal sovereignty—“the Queen in Parliament”. It is one of the three separate but symbiotic powers, and it is a capricious and self-serving contention that it should not have the power to preserve the authority of the legislature over the executive. It is a constitutional principle that the assent of the Queen & Parliament is prerequisite to the establishment of a Court which can operate a system of administrative law in Her Majesty’s Courts in England.

This was confirmed by Lord Denning during the debates on the European Communities Amendment Bill, HL Deb 08 October 1986 vol 480 cc246-95 246 at 250: “There is our judicial system deriving from the Crown as the source and fountain of justice. No court can be set up in England, no court can exist in England, except by the authority of the Queen and Parliament. That has been so ever since the Bill of Rights.” 08

 Must 'we' always be forced to ASSERT 'our' rights ? At what cost ? Has the judiciary been brought into disrepute at the hands of the executive ? What would the TRUE CHRISTians make of all this ? Can it be so that 'our' traditions faith and customs are purposely being diluted and abandoned to appease the corporate structure - to the highest donations from tax avoiding law manipulators ? It most certainly appears to be this way - Judas betrayed Jesus the Christ . . . are 'we' to follow suit and abandon his works ? For goodness sake - What on earth is wrong with You CHRISTians ! ? I may not bear 'the cross' but I most certainly can recognise when 'evil'  is at play ! Can You ? What represents 30 pieces in these times ?

Links You should consider  below ~ if You actually care and seek to reverse these constant abominations that is ! With the hideous and abhorrent allegations now viral regarding 'our queen'  . . . perhaps any redemption will transpire in putting an immediate halt to these self destructing and 'Godless' ways and returning the unwavering allegiance to the millions in this country that have given it to her for decades !

Go on ma'am - prove me wrong when I say You have abandoned Your oath principles and people !

 Is this the sort of executive lawlessness  Justice Moses alludes to and would he agree with Lord Denning above ?





 Prove it ?

'As we continue to pay tax unlawfully to the corporate realm we give it life while destroying the Constitutional realm. The only way out of this situation is to refuse point blank to pay any taxes to anything not of the Constitutional realm which is achieved with a letter demanding the corporate prove that you are indeed the LEGAL ENTITY so named on their demand for payment.'


_ You see ~ ‘they’ are very shrewd – very clever . . . But – the knots Good Folk have been tied up with are unraveling at great speed . . .  A Good Captain always goes down with his ship ? . . . . ;p

Go on Ray lad ~ lol

Ha!  These MPs (congressmen) are full hypocrites: they made the tax-laws, the corporations just obey them.  The tax-laws are purposely corrupt, and had been kept secret until now (when ordinary folk have started investigating).

In fact the English Prime Minister - David Cameron - a (secret) multi-millionaire - has a family fortune based almost entirely on tax-avoidance: his father amassed the family's wealth running off-shore tax-avoidance schemes for the very rich.
[details (text version)]

So, while I've no sympathy for Google, they aren't the criminals here - the real thieving scum are the MPs (especially Cameron) and the senior bureaucrats who have set-up and run this stinking system for so long.

Further Study

Just wading my way through this bit by bit . . . . So far so good :)


See ~ http://www.democracydefined.org/

The real concern of course, is whether or not 'English' society has been so corrupted & abused - can a truly sincere jury  ever be chosen  . . . ?   ' Time will tell ' . . ' Time is a great healer '  . . . 'We' shall see!

Perhaps dippy Dave should have a word with dippy Duncan ~ A state . . . in confusion ?
And these people are educated ~ paleeeeez . . . don't make me laff  . . . mast if want to tha sam skewl az mi . . . lal :p
And the Children suffering under YOUR policies  . . . YOU SACKLESS COWARD ! 
" A Western Fertility Crisis; The Amazing Truth About Population Decline Which Liberals Don't Want You to Know. "
did You actually think we wouldn't cotton on :p

Harry looks at infiltration through-out the alternative media sources etc - quite closely -  . . . and just who they could be



~ So I asked the group . . . what their views were on group mentality ( ouch : )

Something for consideration below

 ~ Intense study required here  ~

Veronica says ~

Private Prosecutions for Criminality - the Parameters

In one sense it is far simpler than you may imagine i.e. the 'mechanics' of getting one started. On the other hand you would be required to take the role of Prosecutor - and all that that means. You would have to feel competent to deal directly with a Judge, a Jury, and Barristers (on the other side) opposing you, and trying to cozy up with the Judge.

So ... yes ... you would need all your wits about you. However, always remember that you can give "Power of Attorney" to someone who you feel would be more competent in that respect. (This would have to be someone you fully, and unequivocally trust).


Go careful with that spanner now :0 & Do remember who/what You are up against. Barbara Grace Tucker has been trying to 'do law' for some time ~ see

State Vs Babs :o


A thousand words . . . . what word sticks out most for You ?
That's not a trick question btw ;p

Don't Let The Flame Go Out

Poetry From Palestine ~ Beautiful !

You can love a country all You want . . . . loving its people is far better You know ?
Second thoughts . . . . ShhhhhTummm
No wait !!! . . . . . ;p

September Eleventh 2001

Thousands of innocents died that day in 2001. Do you for one instant believe a group of renegade  Muslims could pull the wool over the eyes of the most militarily advanced nation on this planet? If so, I suggest you remove your head from your backside and seriously think again!

RIP all those lost in that despicable and murderous atrocity

 Check The Checkpoint